Why You Should Focus on Improving as it relates to customers, the aim of marketing is to

To get people to want what they already have the best.

To get things to work.

As it relates to people, the aim of marketing is to get people to want what they already have.

For most people, it makes sense that they would want what they have. But for some people, the idea of buying new stuff makes no sense. And if they don’t know that the market is the place to go for that stuff, it may be easier just to wait until someone else does. However, in the case of selling a product, these people might be willing to pay a price that makes sense.

But if you want a new car, you need to have a car. So when I think about marketing and selling, the key is to have a product you can sell. If you have it already, you don’t need to “sell” it again. However, to successfully sell your brand, you need to have a strong idea of your audience.

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